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Chevrolet Camaro Cup S5 is waiting in the startblocks

By Andreas Löffler on TBR|

 Yves Larose, organisator of the RD Camaro Cup announced the new season. After already four fabulous seasons there will come some new points to the drivers. For the new season will come the new gen 5 Camaro, well known from the swedish Camaro Cup 2010. These V8 monsters are coming with 420 HP, 625 NM, shared on 1350 kg of weight.


Also the race format has changed. There will be Sprint (35 minutes) and Feature (75 minutes) races with mandatory pitstop for the sprint one. Including the test on September 10th, the season will ovarall go over 7 stations around the world. So, start your engines and join the thrill.

YouTube Preview Image


For TBR will drive till now last season in overall placed 3rd Dariusz Swiderski and 6th Andreas Löffler. For both target will be again to fight for the podium. Andreas, who drove all season so far said: “I´m very attired in the new season. I imagine close racing with the new car and new race format, sure a good decision from Yves. Specially the tracks are greatly choosen, i love it.”


 The design for Andreas car will be sure an eye-catcher on the grid. Beside the common TBR main sponsors and STC i also want to advert a new one on the car, dedicated to the skinner of the car and photograph Andreas Hultgren. It´s his website, a page for amazing photos around the motorsport. You won´t regret a click on it.


For more information around the RaceDepartment Chevrolet Camaro Cup follow this link.


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And the title goes to … TBR :-)

By Andreas Löffler on TBR|

The RaceDepartment´s Historic GP season 7 finished on the track of Limerock Mountain. With double length and double given points the championchip was still open between the TBR drivers Andreas Löffler, Ivo Simons, Ryan Callan and the independent driver Dymitro Botnarenko. Only 9 points was seperate them.

Qualy went great for TBR. With Ryan on pole, Andreas on second and Ivo on fourth, TBR stayed in the front 2 rows. But also Dymitro on third keep his chances on third. Then the start, and horror for Ryan. Anything went wrong and he fall down very far away already first straight. With both extra points (pole and fastest race lap) his chances was good to reach at least the podium in standings but after some laps his race was over. Also Dymitro had trouble and went off one corner which cost many time. So also no chances anymore for the needed win for him. So it came up to Ivo and Andreas.

Andreas leaded from the start. But it became a thriller, with championchip leader Ivo only a few seconds behind. To the end of the stint Ivo close up. The tyre wear of Andreas Corvette worked again against him. The two teammates fight 3-4 laps each other without giving presents but in lap 19 Ivo finally climbed the lead. Who thought it´s decided now, was fooled. Andreas immediately jumped into pits for his stop. Added fuel, new tyres and out again he drove his best laptimes. After Ivo stopped two laps later, suddently a gap of almost 15 seconds cut them off. Both drove like hell, Andreas to keep the gap anyhow till finish, Ivo to come nearer. Simultanious it was the fight for the championchip. The gap stayed long quiet constantly and Andreas was the virtual winner of the championchip. But with the last laps Ivo came again more and more nearer every lap. Once again Andreas couldn´t hold his laptimes and with 3 laps finally a spun on his worn tyres gives Ivo without a struggle the lead and championchip.

But the drama going on. Andreas had to spare massive fuel cause a fuel mistake at the pit. With that also 2nd place in championchip was in big danger if Dymitro who fought back in 4th position would catch Andreas. Last lap, two last corners – Andreas had to let pass Ross. Dymitro was directly behind them. Andreas defend in last corner to Dymitro and with almost no fuel he finished in front of Dymitro with lesser then a tenth of a second in third place.

With this result finally Ivo and Andreas claimed the championchip podium in P1 and P2. A big succes for TBR (with winning 5 of the 8 races) to put the champion and runner up. The dream was sure the triple with the unlucky Ryan, who finished with 2 missed races and the dnf in last race only on 6th position in the standings. Which is still great to be in top 10 of over 30 drivers. The good result for TBR was rounded up by David Cuthill on 16th position. With only 1 race 5th TBR of the league Gregory stay on P26 in the standings

For Andreas it´s now the third runner up in a row in RDHGP, at least only he was one time able to beat the Shelby Daytona (7 wins) with his Corvette (1 win). But the big Congratulaions go to Ivo, who drove finally the most constantly season. With two wins (first and last race) a very well deserved champion. Well done Ivo !

race result Limerock Mountain

Drivers standings after final round:
1. Ivo Simons 179p
2. Andreas Löffler 166p
3. Dymitro Botnarenko 161p
4. Ross McGregor 146p
5. Nils Norberg 139p

6. Ryan Callan 122p
16. David Cuthill 46p

26. Gregory Degreef 16p

overall standings


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